Introverts : Intriguing?


There is power in the human mind. So unexplained, yet silent and comforting. It surrounds your world – and only yours – in an everlasting stride of attributes belonging only to you. This is an ability that could find comfort in silence and solitude. Beautiful. People of no words – are to never be underestimated. For in the unspoken language there is an awesome sense of reality and fiction, pulled to one mind. “Average” the say. Completely ignorant to the true strength of silence. Tragic. Yet they still make no sound, for victory is in the wordless. And the wordless is the truth. Success is within themselves – home is within themselves. Incredible.

This feature, so luxurious. It takes ages to decipher, and requires persistence to break through. But the value of this bittersweet secret… is greater than any word of mouth.