Here is my work that I started at precisely 6:57. My writing is not true, nor interesting. But it reveals the secrets of my obscure secrets. It is like the Orpheus ways – almost succeeding, but it can also be compared to the rush of a water god’s cavalry. So tell me, how does one write such beauty with integrity and confidence?  The answer is something… perhaps it is things like talent, experience, or the common solution: practice.

Here is my work that I am continuing at 7:04. I have yet to reach the top of the mountain that is just above the clouds. And I struggle to fall in love with the words I type now. Still, it feels unknown like modern day’s opinion on the Mona Lisa. I come up with so many questions … questions … questions, and it is quite possible that there are no answers. But is this truth a lie?

Here is my work that I am finishing at 7:15, while looking back at 6:59. I see myself typing the first of the sequential order, and worrying about finding the answer to my ignorance of a confident art. Yet at 7:10, it occurred to me that the truth to this problem is to lie, or to simply have no fear.

Here is my work that I have finished at 7:20, and still appalled on how anger benefitted me with knowledge.


Writer’s Riddle: Can You Guess What Am I?



I am the force that brings down the Sun’s doppelganger.

With a mighty dragon, I can make late night mornings disappear,

They vanish, leaving another’s memory as a corpse.

But I still croon at the beast’s small gift.

For they can be domesticated within the inglenook.

To Kill a Mockingbird Book Sculpture

To Kill a Mockingbird Book Sculpture

Found a wonderful book sculpture by one of my favorite artist on deviantart



Cheer up with a Cheerio


Defensive Comedy

Laughter made into a mask

Shielding from unjust ways

The attacks met their match

And will cease with their days


It gives light and warm feelings

Changing as we get older

It’s dry yet healing

And contradicts the beholder


Writing a Poem is the Same as Telling Secrets – Adalaine



All I ever write are secrets.
That in itself is the only secret I have
about writing, but
I still don’t know
if that’s the secret to writing beautifully,
to writing a thought, an emotion, so tangibly 
that someone could taste it through his eyelashes and say
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Confession to the Future


This quote, by Nick Miller, manages to describe a lot of people who are still striving and believing in the future. It shows us how easy it is to dream or how nice life can be later on, but brings us back to a reality that we are still living in the present. Referring back to my last post about Stress, the uncertainty of not knowing what to do in the beginning is harsh.

Not only does this apply to modern society today, but the fact that we think bigger than what is actually happening occurs even in history. Back during the time of the Declaration of Rights of Man, women were more radical and demanded a government that respects women’s rights as well. This was a bold move during the French Revolution.

From reading the first paragraph in “A Tale of Two Cities” Charles Dickens reflected the power of uncertainty into this novel.