Don’t Push It (Revenge)


When is a person considered to be corrupted? It is when all the raw emotions of anger and envy manage to consume a person’s moral. With these feelings, a human is pushed to an impasse, with no other escape but to result to revenge. In “The Count of Monte Cristo” the protagonist is a prime example of a person being horribly misjudged. And through reading this book, I found that desire for revenge can only be obtained when one has lost something of importance.

It is quite sad that people have the audacity to push another into such a dangerous state, it is especially wrong to see the instigator unaware of their doings.

Remember, you can push even the most patient person to revenge. Don’t underestimate words.



Save a Little Hope

How cruel, humans are, to themselves and to others. It is heard that misfortune is caused by man, not the will of God. Sometimes this idea makes us chase for silver linings, and we are left with desperation and monotone faces. What we fail to realize, is the small filters of light already around us. It takes time to find silver linings, but there is something called Komorebi (the light that shines through tree leaves). It is easy to find but still very bright. When we are brought down by man, remember that happiness can be found in less grand appearances, and save a little hope for yourself.