Count Your Allies

In class we are currently reading “The Count of Monte Cristo”, an epic story of revenge. In the book the main character Edmond Dantes, was a prisoner in the Chateau d’If, where he met his mentor, Faria. With this book, time passes by rapidly, and soon we discover that Faria, and Dantes’ father dies.

It gives me a horrible feeling, death that is. What really shook me however, is how sometimes, people don’t acknowledge those who are supporting you. It is a well known fact that going through tribulations as a lone wolf is impossible.

How terrible though, having such an influential character die. In stories these characters might not get enough “screen time”, but I hope to apply this thought in real life. Don’t wait until someone “dies” to acknowledge them. Try and be aware of who’s really there for you, so what they give to you in return won’t be in vain.


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