Noble Dawns Prologue


At one point the living are in a stalemate between two polar opposites: cruelty, and the unknown. What is this unknown? I suppose you could say that it is the desire to obtain true beauty or true truth in the world. Or it is the hidden bliss and self actualization of our lives. It can be the journey or the goal – all I know is that this inconspicuous charm is the things in life we desire to make us happy.

And at the moment, I am on my narrow road to the unknown. I used to think that I was cursed after discovering my horrible ability, but my passion to seize true beauty led me to think, “Everyone has obstacles, and although mine is difficult, there ought to be something worth seeing at the end”. 

My thought process is still the same today, but i still struggle with my unfortunate skill of seeing the countdown of people’s lives.

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