Why School?


Going through the adolescent period, I am at the moment trying to find all the right answers to questions such as: will I get into a good college? What will ensure my success in life? What is my purpose in life? The constant pressure and ignorance of the future can bring an enormous amount of stress and at the same time, lack of motivation.

So, why school? It is obviously some sort of stress factor. From my experience, it is like a competition – where the victor goes to a good college or university. I can no longer see school as a place to earn knowledge for the sake of earning knowledge, but more so, to beat other students and get in the college of their choice. This left me in a stalemate, wondering “what if I don’t make it?” of course the fear of losing enabled me to try harder for a few more years of school, but then I realized that this was not something that I wanted to participate in. The fact that school was such a stressful environment left me to think that college wasn’t the best thing after all. Why school? Why do I continue to be here?

I came to a conclusion that left me quite… unsatisfied. “Because I want to” That was it. This answer made me infuriated so I continued to search for an answer, but I always came back to this solution. It was such a simple matter that it irked me.

In life, we do things that benefit ourselves. By questioning my reasoning, I came to an epiphany that school can change depending on your perspective. While the direction is usually towards college and life onwards, I tried seeing it as a way to obtain knowledge of any kind, not by something menacing like a battle between students. And although most teachers are “preparing you for college” I ignored that reason and chose to learn for my well being in the present. So when I go through life, or maybe just the next day, I could talk about the fall of Rome or the story of Oedipus. This wisdom gives an expansion to my horizons and can be used not only in school after high school, but in my whole lifespan.

I learn at school for the sake of conversations, ideas, and interactions I will encounter, not because it might bring me success in the future.

And I add: Although we seek destinations on our roads, it is best to be wary of things around you first.


2 thoughts on “Why School?

  1. I can relate rather closely to this. I often think, when I’m stressed and piling up high on homework, “Why am I pushing myself this hard? What’s the point?” However, the answer to these questions isn’t even “Because I want to.” The answer is that I want a high-paying job when I’m older, have the title of attending a really good university, and that my parents are forcing me to do so. I have yet to to discover my purpose in life, as well as my passions.

    • You say that you are forced to do these things, but in my opinion no one is really forced to do anything. Maybe your situation is different but if you look at a different perspective, could you be following your parents orders in hopes to discover your purpose? Wouldn’t that be the same thing as “wanting” to work hard for your own benefits? I constantly question myself about my decisions and why I do things and they all lead to the same thing – happiness. Isnt that everyone’s goal, to achieve some degree of contentment?
      What I am really trying to say is that we all do things, and we do them to earn some sort of happiness in return

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